Buena Vista Colorado Arkansas Cabin Rental

Arkansas Cabin Rental

Arkansas Cabin is a Cedar Sided Cabin on the Edge of the Arkansas River in Beautiful Buena Vista, CO. It has 1200 sq. ft of Modern Mountain Comfort, 2 Bedrooms and 2 Full Baths, a Full Kitchen and a Large Deck Overlooking the Arkansas River. It is so secluded you’ll find yourself conversing with the mule deer and brown trout instead of a two legged neighbor. The Arkansas Cabin is Tucked Away on the Banks of the Arkansas River on our 8 Pinion Pine Covered Acres.

  • Please check-in at Main Lodge before going to the cabins.
  • Vacation Cabin Rentals does not include breakfast at the B&B Lodge.
  • Minimum stays Are required, Off Season 2 Nights and Season 3 Nights.
  • Kids under 5 may be Allowed, but Only with Prior Approval.
  • Rates Based on 2 Guests, each additional is $20 per night regardless of age.
  • No damage deposit, But You Will Be Held Responsible For Any Damages.
  • $65 Cleaning Fee.
  • The Arkansas Cabin is adjacent to and provides ready access to the Arkansas River, a beautiful fast-flowing mountain river.  The river bottom is rocky, uneven, and slippery, the current is stronger than it appears when viewed from the bank, and there are numerous other hazards associated with the river.  Buffalo Peaks Lodge is not responsible for, nor does it accept responsibility for, the safety of you, your family, or your guests and invitees.
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