Located near Buena Vista Colorado, Midland Hill is a well-established trail of less than two miles single track that can be used in both directions and its overall physical rating is moderate. The hike to Midland Hill is increasingly becoming popular and it’s no doubt that it is one of the best-kept secrets in Buena Vista. Some people refer to it as “Sleeping Indian” as everything looks like an Indian butterfly.

The Whipple trail is located on Chaffee County Road 304 at the “6032” on the eastern side. It is also accessible through the Whipple Trail system hike up to CR 304 and goes to the summit.

The well-established Whipple trail begins in a park in Buena Vista Midland Hill which crosses the Arkansas River over a footbridge.  It then goes up through the Juniper forest to reach the 9556 feet peak. Along the trail, you will find amazing boulders and rock foundations.

Though lower than the famous Sawatch Range across the valley, Midland hill will still give the hiker 1600 feet of vertical gain and can definitely serve as an acclimatization hike. From its peak, the views of the town of Buena Vista, the Arkansas River and the high peaks of the Sawatch are incredible.


You can access the Buena Vista Midland Hill trail of the summit from two different directions:

1.  County Road 304 with an elevation of 8250 feet

2.  Town of Buena Vista with an elevation of 7950 feet

Getting to the Trailhead in Buena Vista Colorado, you will move from the intersection of Route 24 and Cotton Pass Road, move east to the East Main Street and follow it less than a mile until you spot a park and an athletic field close to the Arkansas River.

Alternatively, you can get to the Midland Hill Trailhead in Colorado on County Road 304. From the intersection of Routes 24 and 285, two miles south of Buena Vista, move through Route 285 less than three miles east through Johnson Village and over Arkansas River until you reach the Scenic ViewPoint for County Road 304.  You will then turn north onto county Road 304, without following the sign of Scenic View Point on the left and move 1.4 miles until you reach a Y. Take a left turn and follow the road for 3.4 miles up to a point you will spot a small sign for “Trail 6032.” Please note that County Road 304 is a dirt road that can be accessed by almost any car.

From Buena Vista, the summit is approximately 1.75 miles along the trail. You will cross the big pedestrian bridge over Arkansas River valley and follow the signs for “Trail 6032.” You will cross County Road 304 after 300 vertical feet. Continue on the trail and ignore the sign for “Trail 6032 A.” The Midland Hill trail goes by a large rock which then makes one switchback after another until it reaches an elevation of 9250 saddles.  The trail then turns south and moves to the summit.

Weather In Buena Vista Midland Hill

In Buena Vista Midland Hill, the summers are usually warm while the winters are freezing and windy. For the better part of the year, it is partly cloudy and dry. Depending on the tourist score, the best time of year to tour Buena Vista Midland Hill for warm-weather outdoor activities is from late June to mid August. During this season, you will enjoy spectacular views of the collegiate peaks throughout the day. You can also still use the alternative Midland Railroad during the colder seasons.

The warm season lasts about 3.3 months from around June 5th to mid September with an average of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, the cold season lasts for about 3.6 months, with average daily temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


Expect nothing less of a friendly and welcoming community with plenty of opportunities for hiking adventure in Buena Vista Midland Hill. Most visitors find themselves in town searching for good hot-spring soaks – and they often get their pick, from natural and rustic to family friendly and luxurious. With plenty of hot springs, one of the best ways to relax in Midland Hill after enjoying a hike in the mountains is to soak in a hot spring.

Hiking: The Sawatch mountain range has plenty of 14ers than any other range in Colorado.  Even if you don’t plan to summit in one of the highest state’s peaks, there are lots of hiking trails that can suit visitors of all abilities. There are no fees or permits in Colorado required for day hiking.

Four Wheeling: Buena Vista’s Midland Hill dirt roads are amazing. With alpine beauties, these roads will take you from the historic ghost towns to the peak of the state’s highest peaks. Just like the hiking trails, off-roaders of all abilities have the opportunity for thrills and awesome scenery. The parking area along the trail is never congested at any particular season.

Cycling: Mountain-biking has always been changing and spectacular in Midland Hill. With the expansion and improvement of the trail system, there is bound to be a new sweet trail every time you visit. If you love bike or some pavement in cycling close to the Midland Railroad,  biking in this area will take you to two of Colorado’s most spectacular passes which open seasonally.

Fishing and Rafting: The Arkansas River valley offers some of the best fishing and rafting experience to visitors. Outfitters will get you on the river’s bumps, rollers and whitewater pumps and also guide you to some hidden fishing and hiking holes. If you want to catch some waves and play holes with the collegiate peaks inn view, don’t skip Buena Vista’s whitewater park. The mountains beach scene is a great hub for stand-up paddle boarders, kayakers, body surfers and boogie boarders.

During winter, visitors  in Midland enjoy cross-country and snowshoe trails in Buena Vista Colorado while others prefer dog sledding and snowmobiling.

However, it is not adventures all the time. The community also boasts of great  dining, libations, events and music scenes. There are lots of other things you can enjoy for free in Johnson Village and the nearby areas.


As most locals would agree, Buena Vista Midland Hill is a fantastic mountain town nestled at the base of the huge Sawatch Range and there are plenty of things to do in the location. From fly fishing or rafting along the Arkansas to relaxing at any of Colorado’s hot springs, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to activities you can enjoy in Buena Vista. Easy access to activities like camping, hiking and getting out makes Midland Hill a pristine place for a holiday with your family.